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Come to where the real, honest-to-goodness beef flavor comes from and experience the big difference in taste that our meats offer. Try the robust meatiness of the dry-aged hanging beef that we have at Schuman's Meats in Columbus, OH.

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Natural Beef Flavors

Taste the awesome succulence of our farm-source-verified beef. For consumer safety assurance and quality consistency, our meats come from cattle that can be traced back to local farms in OH. We do not use additives or artificial ingredients.

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Grain-Fed Cattle

Beef from cattle bred in locally grown and harvested roughage like grass, alfalfa hay, and protein-rich grains like shelled corn and soybeans promote healthy growth. This kind of diet is crucial to enabling cattle to produce prime beef with a desirable level of marbling and tenderness.

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For premium beef quality consistency, each cattle is individually evaluated and specifically selected for readiness.

Chilled dry meat


Old-fashioned and time-honored, the dry-chilled process for aging beef requires more care and patience. This natural way of aging and chilling beef results in more flavorful and tender cuts.

USDA-Graded Choice

Ohio Premium Beef complies with strict quality standards established by the USDA for choice and prime-quality grades. To ensure the highest quality standards, this premium brand is a USDA-certified beef program, monitored by the USDA Grading and Inspection.

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